JULY 31, 2021 in OTTAWA CITIZEN | About 83% of Ottawa residents have been vaccinated. Now comes the hard part.

I was interviewed by Ottawa Citizen’s Joanne Laucius regarding my work at Ottawa Public Health and how we are working to increase vaccine confidence in the National Capital Region.

Photo credit: Julie Oliver / Postmedia

Welcome to the home page

First of all, I hope you’re having a good day, or a good night. Or a good evening if you’re browsing this past 4 PM. Thank you for your visit!

My name is Maxime Lê (but most folks call me Max).

I am an Ottawa-based, dynamic, social and pragmatic individual with over 6 years of experience dedicated to getting the job done with demonstrable results. I’ve worn many hats – and many more shall be worn. Perhaps I can wear one for you, too.

This website showcases the different projects I am or have been involved in, my personal profile / portfolio / resume, and highlights of my professional development.

There are many things to explore:

  • In the What I do page, you can find the projects I’ve worked on in the past, or the projects I am currently involved in. Whether they be research-based or focused on community development, I think you will find in the dynamic range of topics something that will strike a chord and harmonize with your interests.
  • In the Get to know me section, you will find a short biography, an abridged but hand-picked sample of my resume, as well as a summary of my interests and involvements. Even some fun facts about me.
  • Here’s a quick fun-fact to stimulate your interest: I am 100% bilingual in both French and English. I have 3% Spanish communication capabilities and about .03% Vietnamese and Korean conversational skills. I also know how to signal “I love you” in sign-language, and program a simple calculator using Python coding language.

If you would like to contact me for whatever reason, my information is available in the header, or alternatively you can contact me through the Let’s Talk | Contact Me page.

** Je suis présentement en train de développer la version francophone du site Web. Comme compromis, je vous invite à consulter mon CV en français.

Disclaimer: If anything seems broken or missing on the site, please note that some content may not be available (yet), and the content that is available may be edited, revised, or removed at any time.